Night Clubs, Music Venues & Sports Bars

Let’s face it, multimedia has become part of our everyday life. And the Night Club/ Sports bar experience is no different. We can design & install an A/V system that will let you view any video source (cable box/ DVD/ I-pod/ video camera, etc.) on any flat panel display in the establishment. Your customers can watch a DVD on displays 4, 6 & “The Giants” on displays 5, 7, 8, & 10. We can even go as far as giving them the choice of listening to anything shown on any of your flat panel displays right at “their” table. For instance, table 1 can listen to ESPN while table 7 listens to the Yes Network etc. Add lighting, climate, intercom, & security to the system to save energy, page customers, and ensure piece of mind.

Sports Bar & Nite Clubs Audio Video Westchester

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